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Not Your Typical Realtors. Not Your Typical Realtor Bio.

You loathe typical real estate agent bios. Don’t worry, we do too. They’re like cardboard -- stiff, bland, and identical to every other bio out there. Instead of boasting ad nauseum about awards and accomplishments you’re not interested in, we're taking the novel approach of actually giving you what you want -- real answers to questions you’re probably wondering right now.


1.) Will you return my calls and emails?

Yes. Without question. We realize this is one of the major frustrations the general public has with dealing with agents. We get dozens of calls and emails daily, and we work hard to reply as quickly as possible.


2.) I’ve met many Realtors who are je​rks. Are ​you?

Depends on who you ask. If you ask certain agents who have stood between our clients and their real estate goals, they'll probably say "yes". A handful of people think we leave golden footprints in the sand. Those are the two extremes, and most people's opinion falls somewhere in the middle. Here's what we can tell you: We are honest and candid. We take pride in being approachable and friendly. And if you need a quick real estate brain, or a strong dose of honesty, you’re in the right place. Loyalty to family, clients, and friends is one of our core values. Want to really find out if we are jerks? Mess with one of those people.


3.) Do you have experience doing exactly what I need?

Until you tell us what you need, there is no way of knowing. These are "strong suits" of ours:

● Working with first time homebuyers

● Working with sellers - investment sales or primary residence sales

* Working with those who would rather lease instead of purchase.

If your goal or situation isn't represented on that list, don't worry. Contact us anyway. If we can't help, we can get you referred to an another agent who can.


4.) What kind of work are you really good at?

On a personal level, we are pretty good at cooking (Clean, healthy eating is a passion of ours!), and we are not too shabby at home decorating.

On a professional level, here are the skill-sets that we’ve developed over the years:

● Listening. Unfortunately, it’s a lost art these days.

● Negotiating the BEST possible deal for our clients

● Developing great relationships with other professionals in the industry who want to do business with us.


We are Christy & Judd Welte and we are a husband & wife team who LOVE being in the real estate industry. We've been married for over 21 years and have 3 beautiful children. We have both been involved with so many aspects of real estate for most of our lives from owning homes and rental homes, being in the mortgage profession and being Realtors. We pride ourselves in honesty, loyalty, hard work, professionalism, knowledge, and staying on top of the current market conditions. We are here to help buyers find their dream home and to help sellers get top dollar for their property. Thank you for visiting our page and we would love to help you with your next real estate transaction!

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